They requisition two private objects from the Punic and Roman times in Ibiza

They requisition two private objects from the Punic and Roman times in Ibiza

Such was the surprise of the Civil Guard on Tuesday, February 11, when it surprised two men equipped with metal detectors tracking a farm in the municipality of Sant Antoni, in Ibiza.

Confiscated a few old coins that they had found thanks to the detectors, the individuals confessed that they had practiced this activity for nine years and that they kept all kinds of similar objects at home.

The authorities then proceeded to register the property, where they actually found all kinds of old pieces: statuettes, grave goods, coins, ceramics, brooches, oil lamps, etc., probably from the Punic and Roman times, although the Department of Heritage and Culture of the Island Council of Eivissa will be in charge of confirming this.

Those responsible for the infringement have incurred a crime against the Spanish Historical Heritage Law, which stipulates that any ancient object found on Spanish soil belongs to the national heritage and therefore must be notified immediately to the corresponding authority, and in no case may it be kept or used.

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