Found the first dinosaur fossils of Saudi Arabia

Found the first dinosaur fossils of Saudi Arabia

In desert regions of the Middle East like the Arabian Peninsula it is rare to find dinosaur fossil remains; only a few bones document its presence in the area. Now an international paleontological team has found there the first identifiable records of these ancient animals.

A series of vertebrae and teeth from 72 million years ago they have been unearthed during excavations in northwestern Saudi Arabia sponsored by the Saudi Center for Geological Studies.

The skeletal remains belong to two different types of animals: alAbelasaurid, carnivore distant relative of the Tyrannosaurus; and totitanosaur, a large vegetarian quadruped with a long neck. These species are prevalent in places like Madagascar, North Africa, and South America.

Those responsible have stressed the importance of the discoveries, in addition to the scarcity of dinosaur fossil remains in the area, also because they are complete enough to be able to study and classify them correctly."In fact, they are the first taxonomically recognizable dinosaurs present on the Arabian Peninsula«says Benjamin Kear, project manager.

Likewise, researchers have explained the serious difficulties in finding fossil remains on the continental surface of Saudi Arabia and in the eastern regions of the Mediterranean. In these places, the sediments deposited on the banks of rivers and streams belonging to the time of the dinosaurs are very rare.

However, by detecting these special regions in which recognizable bones have appeared, it has contributed to facilitating future locations of more remains of these animals.

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