World's oldest hominid found in Africa

World's oldest hominid found in Africa

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An individual close to meter eighty, adult and with an age approaching two million years It has been found by the Institute of Evolutions in Africa (IDEA) in what is known as the cradle of humanity, the Olduvai Gorge, in Tanzania.

It was about a Homo Ergaster, whose remains with early osteoarthritis in one hand and his worn teeth have shown that he was of adulthood.

The project is carried out by a team of Spanish scientists (without public funding) in a campaign that has already organized 7 excavations throughout the year. The remains were found by chance and thanks to the geologists who were working in the area.

Both above the metacarpus of the hand and the tooth, were found 1.8 million-year-old volcanic ash remainsFrom this it follows that the remains are 1.9 million years old, explained the archaeologist Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo together with his partner in charge of the project and director of the Archaeological Museum of Madrid Enrique Baquedano.

They were also found tools of stone, animal remains and a natural spring about 100 meters from the place.

The dimension of the findings increases when seeing the interpretation that scientists give to them, since it is shown that at the same time larger and smaller Homo species coexisted, in addition to being the erectus capable of hunting animals that weighed tons, something that until now was attributed to Homo habilis.

Similarly tools were attributed to the first that appear to be from the second.

In this line, it follows that it would be easy to deduce that only one of the two behaved in a complex way despite their coexistence for more than 500,000 years. Another great discovery in the area has been that of parts of a skeleton of Parantrophus boisei that has 1,300,000 years of age with lower extremities whose volume was 20% greater than that of a Neanderthal, something unknown until now.

This proves that the one who was baptized as "nutcracker”, It unfolded through the trees, although it also touched the ground, which helped it survive more than 1,500,000 years.

A skull of a newborn over a million years old, probably also from Homo ergaster, although it remains to be analyzed and confirmed.

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