Discover the Hittite city of Nerik in Turkey

Discover the Hittite city of Nerik in Turkey

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Archaeological excavations have been carried out for eight years in the Oymaağaç village from Vezirköpru, in the district of the northern Turkish province of Samsun, on the edge of the Black Sea, in northern Turkey.

The objective of these archaeological excavations is discover the ancient Hittite holy city of Nerik. The director of the excavations, the German archaeologist Rainer Czichon said that "the works in Oymaağaç had begun in 2005 and the excavations this year had been very successful and had already been completed."

Czichon said that “we have carried out the surface survey for the first two years, and then we started the excavations. Our goal is to show that Oymaağaç is the holy city of the Hittites, which would be ancient Nerik. We are 95% sure”.

And it is that the team of archaeologists already knows that this region was a Hittite settlement because cuneiform tablets have been found proving that this place is Nerik.

The German added that “the excavations are being very fruitful, we have finally found three temples built on top of each other. Also, for the first time, we found the floor of a building”.

All these excavations have been carried out by archaeologists, but they have also been accompanied by geologists, architects, anthropologists from all over the world. What makes up an international team with experts from multiple fields that will help archaeologists to carry out a X-ray of what life was like in this place during the Hittite empire. This team is made up of almost 40 people who come to Turkey every summer for three months, in search of Anatolian history.

Czichon said that «In addition to cuneiform tablets, there were also important objects in the excavation area, which could have belonged to an employee. Being in the northernmost part of the Hittite empire, this is strange for that, for us, it is very important to study and analyze the clues left by the people who lived in this area. Since it helps us understand what they thought, what they did, their lifestyle ...”.

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