The Hurlers' Secret

The Hurlers' Secret

Archaeologists hope to find remains of a glass pavement from the bronze age found in the stone circle the Hurlers, on Bodmin Moor. Organized by the Caradon Hill Heritage Area 'Mapping the Sun' Project, it will be organized by a team from the Cornwall Historic Environment Council department.

The only time archaeological work was done, a 4,000-year-old trail was unearthed And that was more than 70 years ago, when the workers stabilized the place and straightened several stones.

These three stone circles enjoy international fame but its function is still unknown. Some believe that it serves to create Orion's Belt, while others claim that it serves religious purposes. Either way, it was very important to the citizens of more than 4,000 years ago. The entire area is dotted with archaeological remains such as the Stowes Pund Hill Fort, from medieval remains to 19th century motor houses.

Jacky Nowakowski will handle offer guided tours of ancient monuments, in an attempt to convey emotion and interest to the public. At the same time, the expert emphasizes her work to find out more information about the site, the reasons for its construction and her role in preserving it.

Jacky and his team have obtained authorization to excavate the original layer under the pavement, so that they can date it and know if it is the same age as the circles. Finding pollen or other materials will help.

The project "Mapping the Sun”Has been organized by Ian Rowe, from the Hill Area Heritage Project, in Caradon. Rowe hopes to get the backing of Duchy, owner of the site, English Heritage. The expert adds that «have enlisted the help of selfless people such as locals and ranchers«, Ensuring that«the site will regain its original appearance after completing the excavations«.

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