They find an ancient trail to Stonehenge

They find an ancient trail to Stonehenge

A path to Stonehenge has been found consisting of a couple of holes during the works to cover the main road through the monument. This is proof that the construction was connected to the Avon River.

The discovery is found near the Heel Stone, 24 meters from the entrance to Stonehenge, and the holes represent the side of the avenue, a long linear piece to the northeast of the deposit that for centuries has been divided by the A344.

The part of the avenue divided by the road has been destroyed, but we hope that the lower part has still survived”, Communicated Heather sebire, archaeologist of the English Heritage, who collaborates in the tasks with the road as part of a plan of conditioning the area to visitors.

The solstice alignment that occurs on the Avenue is not very clear from the ground, but it is from the air. For the following summer it is planned to mark once the road is replaced by a green area.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the Avenue below the road surfaces”Says Nick Snashall, an archaeologist with the National World Heritage Settlement Foundation. This experience has allowed them to confirm that Stonehenge and its Avenue were connected. "In addition, in a short time they will be again”Added the expert.

Dry temperatures have allowed experts in July find marks in the circle traced by the stones which appear to be the hollows where stones 17, 18 and 19 remained on the south west side of the circle.

It is still debated whether this monument was a full circle or not”, Clarifies the expert Susan Greaney. "The discovery of these holes indicates that it was a complete circle, although the markings are less clear than the southeast quadrants.”.

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