Neolithic ruins shed light on the origin of China

Neolithic ruins shed light on the origin of China

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The Shimao neolithic ruins appear to be the largest prehistoric remains of the city ever found in China. The finding has great relevance in the historical studies of this civilization. Located north of the China Plateau in Shaanxi Province, some ancient ruins of a city they extend over four square kilometers.

These ruins include an imperial city, an interior, and an exterior. Also in this site you can find a variety of remains of buildings such as palaces, houses, tombs, sacrificial altars, and artisan workshops.

Excavations began in 2011, and archaeologists have found remains that reach 4,000 years, which has meant a redefining the way the city of China raised its walls. Along with these discoveries, jade knives have also been found.

The defensive constructions along with the city walls can date back to the spring and autumn of the 8th and 5th centuries BC.”, Estimates Sun Zhouyong, a researcher at the Shaanxi Archeology Research Institute.

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