They discover a mini colosseum of the emperor gladiator Comfortable

They discover a mini colosseum of the emperor gladiator Comfortable

Archaeologists from Montclair State University in New Jersey have discovered a structure similar to that of a Coliseum belonging to emperor and successful gladiator before the masses of Ancient Rome Comfortable. The archaeological site is located 28 kilometers from Rome in the ancient Via Appia Region, in Genzano.

NewJersey experts, who have been excavating since 2010, claim that ancient textual references and marble busts at the 18th century site, indicate that the villa belonged to the imperial family Antonino. This included the emperors Antoninus Pius (who ruled from 138 to 161 AD), Marcus Aurelius (who ruled from 161 to 180 AD), and Commodus (who ruled from 180 to 192 AD).

The amphitheater found has been described as a miniature of the Colosseum in Rome, and was found near some bathrooms. It reaches 9,000 square meters and has a capacity of 1,300 seats in addition to an imperial seat. According to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, archaeologists believe that Commodus used the amphitheater to kill animals.

These investigations have brought to light hundreds of imported marble fragments and material to decorate the walls. This is proof that the mosaics were made of glass, luxurious and of a structure similar to that of an elliptical amphitheater that could be related to Commodus' interventions as a fighter”Explained Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, co-director of the excavation.

Since in the mini colosseum there is a three meter long staircase leading to the lower chambers, Comfortable is believed to have had his own dressing room designed where he was preparing to kill beasts, concludes Aryamontri.

Experts add that this building could have been used as a stage to represent naval battles.

It is thought that Comfortable, obsessed with gladiators, participated in more than 700 boxing matches throughout his life. However, he was a weak and cruel ruler who did not hesitate to mete out barbaric punishments on the innocent. Furthermore, this emperor commanded his subjects to refer to him as second only to Hercules for his ability to defeat wild beasts.

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