Reconstruction of the face of an individual from 700 years ago

Reconstruction of the face of an individual from 700 years ago

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Mexican archaeologists prepare to reconstruct the face of an individual over 700 years ago. The skeleton belongs to a pre-Hispanic man found by archaeologist Roman Piña Chan in Michoacán 35 years ago.

The work will be carried out by specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and will be part of a project to preserve the remains of an individual belonging to Western Culture, ago seven centuries.

The restorer Mainou, member of the National Coordination of the preservation of Cultural Heritage (CNCPC) of the INAH, explained that the skeleton was found in a cereal field in the Ario de Rayon region, and was transferred to the Regional Museum of Michoacán. The expert added that she must remove the layers of glue that cover the remains of the skeleton. Therefore, the skeleton must be remineralized and bioconsolidated to reinforce its strength, toughness and flexibility.

According to the specialist, a replica of the skull was made with which forensic anthropologist Lilia Escorcial will create a facial approximation of the character. Later, visual artist Irwing Minero will add expression to it. Mainou stressed that the main objective of this operation is get information about this individual who lived in the Late Classic Period (1300-1500 AD).

Before starting this elaboration, it is necessary to take a copy and photographic record of each bone to know its exact position, which indicates the period and the region to which the individual belongs.”, Remarked the expert. Once the visual registration is done, the specialists place each bone in an anatomical position.

Jorge Gómez, research physicist, determines that the skeleton belongs to a man who died at 22 or 24 years old, his build was slim and he was about one and a half meters tall. In addition, analyzing the development of his bones, he was not used to physical exertion. He was also in good health, for which he was most likely euthanized.

The restorers Arcadio Marín, Gabriela Mazon and Carlos Molina have participated in the preservation and conservation process of these remains found.

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