The first Neolithic town of Asturias

The first Neolithic town of Asturias

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Thanks to the project “The formation of the landscape of the Northwest Peninsular”The first neolithic town of Asturias.

The project headed by Margarita Fernández Mier, professor of Medieval History at the University of León, has already carried out several archaeological interventions in the village of Vigaña that have turned out to be of great importance. Evidence has been found in various areas of the village that the site was under occupation since Neolithic times.

Studies have also yielded results in the La Sienra, L’Hortal and Las Corvas areas where they have been found cultivation evidences of the III millennium BC in the first case, and remains of buildings for domestic use, from the 4th millennium BC, in the last two places.

Despite all this, the Las Corvas area where the project team has observed the existence of three homes that could be nomadic groups which would have inhabited the Cantabrian mountains during the Neolithic. After carrying out the radiocarbon analysis and the study of the remains found, in this case we would be before the first neolithic hut documented so far in Asturias.

Will continue to be done investigations in this village and, on the other hand, excavations have been resumed around the Church of Vigaña. In 2011 the excavations in the church provided very interesting data, including a medieval cemetery, and it is for this reason the archaeologists have decided to continue in them.

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