They find three pots and a lamp belonging to the Great Revolt

They find three pots and a lamp belonging to the Great Revolt

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During the archaeological excavations that Israel Antiquities Authorities underway near the Western Wall, they have found three cooking pots and an oil lamp.

Near to Wailing Wall A small well came to light during the excavations in which surprisingly were inside the pots and the lamp that, when studied, dated from the time of the Great Revolt. Surely the people who used it descended into the well to hide and feed while the place passed through a time of famine.

During those times, the people of Jerusalem hid the food for fear that it would be stolen by the rebels and for that reason they fed in places hidden from the eyes of others. Men entered the other houses without warning in order to snatch food from their occupants and, as hunger increased, this situation worsened until they tortured their peers in order to find a single grain of wheat.

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