In search of a Roman fortress that disappeared 2,000 years ago

In search of a Roman fortress that disappeared 2,000 years ago

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A team of volunteers led by Dr Birgitta Hoffmann, co-director of the Roman Gaskproject based at the University of Liverpool, will embark on the search for a Roman fortress that disappeared 2,000 years ago. It is not certain that it exists, but if it did, it would most likely be located between Fort Stracathro and the northwest coast of Scotland.

If the fortress were found, we would be in front of the oldest Roman land border in the world that stretches from North Stirling to Stracathro. The border consists of Roman forts and watchtowers as well as a legionary fortress near Blairgowrie.

The places where manifestations of the fortress could be found are being investigated with non-harmful methods, and those that turn out to have great potential to be Roman will be investigated in 2014 through excavations.

Not much else is known other than that They built forts as far north as Brechin so it is not known for sure what will be found during the investigation. One of the problems they face is that the population they are looking for made houses with grass and wood, materials that tend to disappear with the passage of time.

If the objective set is achieved, the discovery will help to better understand how the Romans in Scotland.

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