Arches and other ornaments discovered in Fukuoka

Arches and other ornaments discovered in Fukuoka

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Bows and agricultural tools from 14 centuries ago they have been discovered in Koga, during the spring, by a group of archeology fans.

The discoveries are so well preserved that researchers can visualize the silhouette of the arches and even the way their metal ornaments are attached. Because they were near a burial mound, they will facilitate the study of the objects that were selected to be buried.

The arches they were discovered about five meters from a burial dating from the late 6th and early 7th centuries. These objects were up to 2.3 meters long and at least six have been discovered buried in a row. The metal decorations were in all cases at the same distance from each other.

In addition to all of the above, researchers have observed horse armor, a shovel head and a sickle made iron-based.

It's the first time that so many things are in one place probably surpassing the arches found in the Doboyama burial mound in Takatsuki.

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