They investigate how a warrior survived a mortal wound

They investigate how a warrior survived a mortal wound

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To know how a Greek warrior survived from the 4th century BC After a fatal wound, Long Island doctors made an X-ray of the remains of this historical figure.

Anagnostis Agelarakis, professor and director of Anthropology at Adelphi University, moved the remains provided by the Greek Archaeological Service. After their study the experts came to the conclusion that it was a warrior who was wounded during the reign of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.

The greek surgeons they could not remove an arrowhead from the warrior's left ulna because it would have caused worse consequences for the wound. The warrior lived with the tip of the arrow embedded in the bone until he reached the age of 58 to 62 years. Researchers believe he was able to stay alive thanks to the care he received.

The remains of the individual were found in 1980 during archaeological excavations whose bones after being examined will be returned to the Kavala Museum of Archeology in Greece.

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