An excavator destroys a 2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid

An excavator destroys a 2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid

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In Belize, a real attack on history has occurred. An excavator has destroyed a 2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid, which was part of the Noh Mul complex, a well-known ceremonial center discovered in 1897.

This news has generated great indignation among archaeologists and specialists, who automatically spoke of the "ignorance and insensitivity”With which the company acted.

It's the worst I've seen in my 25 years as an archaeologist”Commented one of the historians who witnessed the event.

Noh Mul It is one of the four most important pre-classical Mayan sites in northern Belize, and its central temple, named after the site, is one of the highest in the country. The entire complex covers an area of ​​about 12 square kilometers and is located in the middle of sugar cane fields.

There is a total of 81 buildings, all of them under mounds, which were home to approximately 40,000 people between 500 and 250 BC.

The main temple, in addition to fulfilling ceremonial and administrative functions, it could have been the home of the High Priest of the temple, as well as various nobles of the city.

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